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“Today, the need for the Jacksonville Men’s Rehab is greater than it has ever been. Just like a virus, addiction doesn’t discriminate and its effects impact far beyond the individual. Addiction brings devastation to families and chaos to communities. However, for those impacted by addiction, hope can be found at the Jacksonville Men’s Rehab. God continues to make a way for hurting people to come into our program where we see hope restored, lives transformed, and families rebuilt.”

-Mike White, Executive Director


Students Share their Stories of Changed Lives through Jacksonville Men’s Campus


Darrell“I was married, had two kids, a home, and a good job. By the end of 2004, I lost everything. In 2009, I suffered from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. In 2019, I had a heart attack from smoking cocaine. So I quit the drugs, but continued to drink. By the beginning of 2020, I was ready for help and searched for long term treatment centers and found Teen Challenge. I arrived on March 9th, 2020 and by the grace and mercy of God I am still here. This has been the best decision of the last 40 years of my life. I will no longer run from God but will run to Him. I am now 16 months off of drugs and 9 months off of alcohol.”



Rick“I used to be a selfish drug-abusing person. I never prayed much, and I didn’t realize how destructive my behavior was to myself and especially to others. Last year, at the age of 51, I finally hit rock bottom and found myself at a halfway house in Jacksonville where drugs and sin were easily available. I called many places and Teen Challenge answered. After completing the process, they came and picked me up. Since coming to Teen Challenge, I have developed a close and rewarding relationship with God. My life has improved dramatically. I have become stronger, smarter, and happier as a result of spending time with God and helping others.”




“God’s Grace has always been evident in my life. I’ve been through addictions, suicide attempts, prison incarcerations, homelessness, and mental institutions. God always sought after me and protected me and loved me, even though I did not care about Him at all. At Teen Challenge, I have learned to stop leaning on my own understanding. God continues to open my eyes and heart to Him. I see that He has always been the one who rescues me. I’m building a relationship with Him and have found that this is truly a better way to live. Jesus is truly my Savior.”



“I was living a life of sin and received a sentence of 25 years in prison while still a young man. While in prison, I faced abuse. I did what I thought I had to do to save my life. I did not expect to continue a lifestyle of homosexuality after my release, but that’s what happened, along with drugs. After years of use, I had enough and tried to take my own life. I woke up in a hospital knowing I needed to change. I received a list of rehabs and called them, and Teen Challenge was the only one who accepted me. God has used Teen Challenge to pull me out of my mess through the revelation of His Word. Through His Word, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I thank God for forgiving me for my sins. He has truly Set Me Free. I surrender all to Him and I thank Him for the ministry of Teen Challenge.”


What’s Been Happening at Jacksonville Men’s Ministry?

graduatesBoth Jacksonville Men’s and Women’s ministries held a 2020 virtual gala. Both centers shared inspiring testimonies, engaging messages, and exciting updates on the community’s positive impact. Donations received go to support Teen Challenge rehabs and help transform student’s lives at both campuses. 2020 speaker Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of MyPillow, shared his passion for faith-based recovery programs like Teen Challenge Southeast. Both Jacksonville Men’s and Women’s rehab centers thank all who contributed and participated!




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