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Addiction Treatment Centers for Men in Orange Park, Florida

Looking for an addiction treatment center for men
in Orange Park, Florida?

Choose one that spends a whole year getting to the core of addiction, like Jacksonville Men’s Rehab.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Men  
Not sure what it takes to get clean in Orange Park, Florida? Long-term recovery requires profound change. That’s why the alcohol and drug rehab at Jacksonville Men’s Rehab rebuilds lives from the ground up.

Having come through recovery themselves, the Florida men’s rehab staff treats each man with unparalleled understanding. This empathetic approach throughout this long-term residential program helps men break alcohol and drug addiction and adopt a new lifestyle.

The Jacksonville Men’s Rehab professional team understands what it takes to break free from alcohol and drug addiction in Orange Park, Florida.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Men

The effective Christian program for addicted men in Northeast Florida provides the whole man with spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and educational training. Addicted men commit to a year-long, four-stage process of recovery and healing. Once branded thieves and degenerates, these addicted men find love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. With God’s help, men discover a new path for their future through tough love, empathy, and compassion.

Without undergoing the transformative program offered at this alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, it won’t stop for men in Orange Park, Florida.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Men

The Christian faith-based program at this rehab works with the whole person — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Counselors work with men to uncover the issues behind their alcohol and drug addiction. Until these issues are dealt with, men will remain at the mercy of their addiction.

Jacksonville Men’s Center provides men with the insight, environment, and mentorship to support long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Addicted men who complete this program experience one of Florida’s best men’s rehabs. This year-long residential program offers peer-to-peer, group, and individual counseling. Men also attend parenting, anger management, and relapse prevention classes. Men also receive vocational rehabilitation and spiritual inspiration to rebuild life and purpose after recovery.

Men being helped by Jacksonville’s Men’s Rehab learn they must rely on a Higher Power to transform their lives successfully.

Daily spiritual practices in this small community offer addicted men a way out. When addicts are at their wit’s end, they learn that Jesus accepts and forgives them unconditionally. With a new sense of “God-consciousness,” men finally break the perpetual cycle of addiction. At this program in FL, recovering men walk a spiritual path built upon serving others. They find a faith that works even when hard times hit in Orange Park, Florida.

Addiction Treatment Centers for Men

For over 60 years, Adult and Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers have provided addicted men and women with a way to escape addiction. Jacksonville Men’s Rehab offers one of the best, affordable residential programs available to men 18+ in Florida.

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More about rehab for men in Orange Park, Florida:

Orange Park is a town in Clay County, Florida, USA, and a suburb of Jacksonville. The population was 8,412 at the 2010 census. The name “Orange Park” is additionally applied to a wider area of northern Clay County outside the town limits, covering such communities as Fleming Island, Lakeside, and Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, making it one of Jacksonville’s most populous suburbs. The name reflects the hope of its founders for a fruit-growing industry, but their crops were destroyed in the Great Freeze of 1894-95. Despite recovery elsewhere, the crops never came back to Orange Park.

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