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What’s NEW in 2023 at Jacksonville Men’s Rehab

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2023 Updates

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“Today, the need for the Jacksonville Men’s Rehab is greater than it has ever been. Just like a virus, addiction doesn’t discriminate and its effects impact far beyond the individual. Addiction brings devastation to families and chaos to communities. However, for those impacted by addiction, hope can be found at our addiction treatment center in Jacksonville. God continues to make a way for hurting people to come into our program where we see hope restored, lives transformed, and families rebuilt.”

What’s Been Happening at Our Christian Rehab Center?

Over the last couple months, we have been very busy at the Jacksonville Men’s Rehab from participating in various local community outreach events all the way to sending a missions team to Panama to help build a new Teen Challenge addiction treatment center. This year, our Christian rehab center partnered with a few different local churches to help with their community fall festivals. Our students got a chance to serve the community at these events as well as share their faith. We also had the privilege of bringing our Stay Sharp drug prevention program to a couple of the local high schools. Here, our students were able to minister to at-risk youth about the consequences of poor choices and offer hope that there is a better way. Along with ministering in the public high schools we also got to lead various church rallies where we shared about what God is doing through the ministry of Teen Challenge.

Christian Rehab CenterThis year, a small team of men from our Jacksonville Christian rehab center partnered with other Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers in our region and traveled to Panama. On this mission trip, the guys helped lay the foundation for a brand new Teen Challenge rehab center. Not only were these men able to be a blessing to others, but God also impacted them by sharing His heart with them for all the nations. We also had a Teen Challenge missionary named Todd Crant from Malta come and share his testimony and a powerful Christ-centered word. In addition to Todd, we also were able to have Bishop Williams, from Household of Faith, minister to us during one of our chapel services. Lastly, we also had our annual Gala. We had a pretty good turnout this year and it was another opportunity to share with the community all that God is doing through the Jacksonville Christian rehab center.

Teen Challenge Florida Graduate Testimonies


Christian rehab center“Before coming to Teen Challenge Jacksonville, my life was full of drugs and sin. I ran from God and ended up spending almost 8 years of my life in prison. It was only through the court system ordering me to complete Teen Challenge that I actually came. After graduating Teen Challenge I was able to see my children for the first time in 6 years. Every relationship that I thought was forever broken, God restored. I now am privileged to work with individuals that are experiencing the same troubles as I once did. Teen Challenge is the program that God is using to offer life transformation.”



Christian rehab center“I am a graduate of Teen Challenge during the year of 2022. Before the teen challenge I was completely lost with no goals or plans. I was addicted to drugs and I used them to escape my problems. During and after my stay at Teen Challenge I am not lost. I’m providing for my family. I’m stepping up as a man and I no longer run from my problems by doing drugs. I face them head on with my best friend, the most high Jesus Christ”



Christian rehab center

“I had a great childhood but always had a hard time fitting in until I found alcohol. Drinking always made it easy to fit in and talk to other people. I was a heavy drinker for over 20 years.  My drinking was the one thing that I couldn’t stop on my own power. I lost a marriage of 13 years plus having my kids and my family in my life. I came to Teen Challenge and there was no judgment from anyone here.  All of the staff and leaders were the vessel that God was using to rebuild my relationship not only with Him but also my family and kids.  God is truly doing some amazing things in my life!!”



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